8 Graphic Design Trends to inspire your 2022

In this article, we explore 8 graphic design trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

Graphic design is constantly changing – according to trends, new technologies and consumer needs. There is no expiration date and often the change is so sudden that you hardly notice it. To keep up, graphic designers must not only be able to adapt quickly but also know the trends that are driving these changes.

In this article we have summarized 8 graphic design trends that will leave an important footprint in 2022 and in the near future. Trends that almost seem to contradict each other – from the minimalism of logos to the use of 3D graphics; from the futuristic and elusive metaverse to the nostalgia for styles and uses of the past – but which actually find space in a sector where creativity knows no bounds.

1. Inclusive graphics

Now more than ever, the differences and marginalization that some groups of people face have been brought to light. This has helped to make inclusivity a theme very dear to both consumers and brands. Suffice it to say that just the other day, Apple released a series of 37 new inclusive emojis.

All this is also reflected in graphic design, through which brands can spread a positive message of inclusiveness, actively working to ensure that more and more people feel represented also at a visual and communication level.

Canva’s graphics to celebrate International Women’s Day.

2. Logos keep on being minimal

While there are some brands that go against the grain, minimalism in logos continues to be very popular.

Therefore, 3D elements in logos and symbols are crossed out in favour of a flatter and more simplified design.

Given that not all logos lend themselves to this simplification, that the results are not always great and that the debate around it is quite heated, this trend does not seem to show signs of slowing down, at least in the immediate future.

Recently, also Volvo joined the car manufacturers who have redesigned their logo in a minimal way.

3. Eclectic fonts combine with classic fonts

As much as logos are all about minimalism, when it comes to typography, the trend moves in the opposite direction. In fact, we find eclectic fonts combined with classic fonts, large letters placed side by side with smaller letters, or turned upside down. In a nutshell, typography aims to subvert the order we are normally used to so as to bring attention to something specific.

This trend finds even greater expression when it comes to kinetic typography: movement gives even more emphasis to the disruptive element.

The Badass Project website designed by Cuchillo.

4. 3D combines with 2D

In this fourth trend we find – in some way – a connection with what we just discussed when it comes to typography. In fact, in graphics as well, we find classic and traditional 2D elements combined with 3D elements.

This combination allows you to take full advantage of the best of both styles, which can be adapted to several formats such as illustrations, animations, web design but also, as mentioned above, to typography, giving life to creative and unconventional designs.

© 2d/3d Webshocker – Matjaz Valentar

5. Imagining the metaverse

The metaverse is certainly one of this year’s hot topics. We had the opportunity to address it when we discussed 2022 social media trends – an article I wrote just a few days after the launch of Meta. In the article we explained, paraphrasing the words of Zuckerberg, that the metaverse will be a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, which will embrace both a three-dimensional and physical world.

An elusive, almost mysterious world that graphic designers are trying to imagine, through graphics and illustrations that show how it could be (as well as their own creativity).

© athitat

6. Looking back to the past

Even if we gaze towards the future and the metaverse, that of nostalgia is still a recurring theme, which is also reflected in graphic design. In fact, the designs (at times we could say anti-design) of the 90s/early 2000s are back, as well as a marked Art Deco style both in fonts and in graphics and illustrations.

This year’s Eurovision theme is inspired – among other things – by old posters of Italian brands that have made history.
The art deco style packaging of Vialetto chocolate.

7. Meme is the new black

Memes have long become one of the favourite forms of communication of online users. And brands have immediately recognized their potential for engagement and virality. Therefore, many brands have adapted their communication to this format – often irreverent and requiring little to no graphics skills but able to go viral in a very short time.

Although, due to their irreverent nature, they are not suitable for all types of communication, it is likely that more and more brands will adopt this popular format in the future, creating their own memes or exploiting the wave of the moment.

8. Custom graphics

Let’s face it, with the advent of easy-to-use and popular tools like Canva, adding eye-catching graphics to your content has become much easier. However, this could lead – in the long run – to a flattening of the communication style.

For this reason, many brands are already opting for custom graphics, created in collaboration with illustrators and designers.

The creation of your custom designs also paves the way to another trend that is full of potential, which we discussed in the article on digital marketing trends 2022: NFTs as a new way to create value.

What do you think of these trends? Which do you think best fits your brand communication? Tell us what you think in the comments and contact us to learn about our graphic design services.

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