Case study: Apple’s Marketing Strategy

The success of the Apple brand is based mostly on a unique marketing and communication strategy which manages to attract new customers and turn them into avid fans. But how does Apple do it? In this case study we will analyse the communication and marketing strategies used by Apple over the years.

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Holiday Marketing: Tips and examples for a successful strategy

Communicating and selling during the holidays can be very challenging, but a well-planned holiday marketing strategy can bring huge benefits. In this article we will see how to structure an effective holiday marketing strategy and some examples from which you can draw inspiration.

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Evolution and future of social media

Stories, live stream and new functionalities, all with one goal: to offer new features. Social media networks have evolved, and with them also their content and uses. Brands and digital professionals need to be prepared if they don’t want to be left behind. In this article we will provide an overview of the situation of the main social platforms and try to understand in which direction they are heading.

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Link Building: what it means and how to implement it

It is now well-known that Google and the other search engines use several factors to rank a website in the best possible way within the search results. One of these factors are backlinks: links hosted on a website that refer directly to another page. Therefore, it is essential to obtain many of them and of excellent quality. To do this, there are different link building strategies. Link building may initially seem complicated to understand and even more so to implement, but this article will explain in detail what link building is, how to best implement the different strategies and how to avoid damaging your website.

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Influencers with millions of followers and likes who don’t exist: Here’s who the virtual influencers are

Virtual influencers are becoming more and more popular and brands are investing a lot in them. But why do they do that? How are they different from real influencers? The engagement rate is clear: virtual influencers ensure great performances.

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