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Communicating your brand effectively: The power of storytelling marketing

Storytelling is one of the main marketing tools through which successfully communicating with our target audience: telling stories that convey the values ​​of a company, that are able to engage and arouse emotions is essential to strengthen the relationship between a brand and consumers. Read the article to find out how to create a compelling story and achieve your business goals.

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How to create an editorial calendar: Best practices and tools

The editorial calendar is an efficient tool for organizing and planning content. Having it is essential to organize the workflow, manage the team and ensure consistency in content publication across all the channels that make up our communication ecosystem. In this article, we explain exactly why it is important to have an editorial calendar and how to create it, also with the help of some useful tools.

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How to create an effective infographic: Tools and tips

Nowadays, the most effective contents in terms of marketing and communication are the visual ones, including infographics. Created to convey valuable information in an engaging visual format, they are able to engage with readers and grab their attention within seconds. In this article you can find out why infographics are a powerful and effective communication and marketing tool and why you should use them to improve your performance.

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Influencers with millions of followers and likes who don’t exist: Here’s who the virtual influencers are

Virtual influencers are becoming more and more popular and brands are investing a lot in them. But why do they do that? How are they different from real influencers? The engagement rate is clear: virtual influencers ensure great performances.

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How to create an effective Content Marketing strategy

Everything we publish online, from social networks to the website, collaborates to create and spread our brand. Therefore, to maintain a clear and easily identifiable communication style, it is important not to improvise but to develop an effective content marketing strategy in line with our brand. In today’s article we delve deeper into what content marketing is, what it means to do content marketing and how to create an effective content marketing strategy.

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5 things to do to improve the website’s usability

In the current competitive scenario, in which consumers are increasingly connected but less willing to accept errors, problems and long loading times, the usability and ease of use of a website have become important differentiating factors. In this article we delve deeper into what usability is and how to make your website easy to navigate.

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How to create a podcast: 6 things to do

Podcast is the new black, some would say. Indeed, listening to podcasts has become a habit for many people. Dealing with a potentially endless list of topics, podcasts have not suffered the backlash of the end of the lockdown but rather, the pandemic seems to have consecrated them among the most appreciated and effective forms of communication for both personal and corporate branding. In this article, we retrace the steps that led to the success of this format and delve deeper into the steps to take to create, prepare and promote a podcast.

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How to leverage Instagram to market your business in 2021

With an audience of over 1.16 billion people, Instagram offers important opportunities for brands – both thanks to the engaging and captivating formats available and thanks to the innovative forms of promotion, which have allowed the development of new marketing trends, including Influencer marketing. It is therefore not surprising that more and more companies have included Instagram in their communication strategies. In this article we offer you a complete overview of the major features of Instagram, strategies and useful tips to promote your brand effectively, as well as a preview of the upcoming news.

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Ambient Marketing: what it is, advantages and examples

Ambient marketing or ambient advertising is a highly creative communication strategy, which effectiveness, especially in terms of brand awareness and brand recognition, can be very high. In this article we explain what it is and its advantages, presenting also some examples of really successful ambient marketing campaigns that show that often you don’t need a big budget to create a successful marketing campaign but only creativity.

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