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Copywriting: the power of words at the service of communication

Copywriting is the art of writing persuasive textual content which is capable of capturing the attention and interest of users. Writing a captivating copy, that is at the same time easy to read, understandable and able to remain imprinted in the minds of consumers, is not easy; quite the opposite. For this purpose, the role of copywriter was born: a professional figure in the field of communication who writes texts of various kinds to help brands communicate correctly with their target audience. To celebrate World Copywriter Day, which occurs every year on September 30th, we delve into the secrets to creating perfect copy.

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Artificial intelligence: its role in today’s society and in marketing

In recent times, we often hear about artificial intelligence and how it is increasingly influencing our lives. As a matter of fact, AI is gradually shaping the way we live and work by creating multimedia content of all kinds and supporting companies with innovative and smart software. Especially in the world of marketing and communication, the AI is becoming a useful tool on several fronts: from creating multimedia content, to generating textual content up to data analysis. In this article, we analyse what artificial intelligence is, what the main fields of application are and what the pros and cons of this technology are.

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How to leverage short-form videos to boost your marketing strategy

In recent years, short-form videos have become extremely popular on different social media platforms thanks to their ability to capture users’ attention in seconds, entertain viewers and communicate with them effectively and concisely. But how to properly integrate this format into a social media marketing strategy? Read the article to find this out!

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How to organize a successful corporate event: the complete guide

To organize a successful event, it is essential to plan ahead and carefully every aspect – from planning and promotion to the measurement of post-event results. In this article we will discuss about all the steps to take into account in order to organize a truly flawless event.

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WhatsApp Business: what it is, how it works and how to make the most of it to grow your business

WhatsApp Business is the app developed by Meta Inc. to facilitate communication activities for SMEs and simplify their interactions with customers thanks to a series of tools that allow you to drive better customer support, automate and quickly reply to messages and show the catalog of products and services within the app.

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Archetypal branding: The 12 archetypes for brand personality

Many cultural symbols that have established over the years come precisely from the image that certain brands have built around their values. Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, or Nutella became established their presence by choosing to communicate messages that refer to universal patterns that catalogue human behaviour in any culture. These patterns are precisely the archetypes. Let’s take a closer look at what they are and how they can be used within the strategic definition of brand identity.

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What is sensory marketing?

Sensory marketing is a marketing strategy that leverages the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste to evoke a positive response in the consumer and thus guide purchasing decisions. In this article, we examine how to implement a sensory marketing strategy, analysing some examples of brands that have wisely exploited the senses to promote their products.

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Local SEO: What it is and why it matters

Even on the web, geographic location matters, especially if you own a local business. In fact, whether it is a supermarket, coffee bar or restaurant, Google is always ready to show us the closest solution to our location. But how to be more visible on the search engine and thus appear among the results suggested by Google in that location for that particular search query? And on Google Maps? The answer is the so-called Local SEO: let’s see together what it consists of.

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I asked ChatGPT what it thinks of its content from an SEO perspective

There has been a lot of talk about ChatGPT and the role that artificial intelligences will have in the future of content creation, also and above all from an SEO perspective. So, we asked ChatGPT itself to write an article on SEO and then to tell us if the contents it generates are good from a search engine optimization point of view. Here’s how it went and the conclusions we drew.

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Femvertising: the evolution of women in advertising

In response to the advertising campaigns that for decades have represented a stereotyped and idealised image of women and of the female body, a pro-female trend was born in 2014 aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes and promoting inclusiveness and gender equality: femvertising. Let’s see what it is.

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