How to leverage LinkedIn to market your business in 2020

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools to market your business. In fact, thanks to the many options and features available (some of which quite hidden or underestimated), we have the opportunity to promote our business to a highly specialized target not only through paid ads but also organically. In this article, we offer you a complete overview of the major LinkedIn features, strategies and useful tips for implementing an effective personal profile and company page, as well as a preview of upcoming updates.

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How to create a marketing strategy for an SME

With limited resources and a business organization that sometimes does not give the right importance to marketing, navigating through things to do, tools and platforms to create an effective strategy for promoting the brand, products and services of an SME can be difficult. However, there are some best practices to consider when setting up an effective marketing strategy, both online and offline. We have summarized them in 10 points.

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TikTok: What is it, how it works and how to use it for business

TikTok is certainly the social phenomenon of the moment: in just a few years it has been able to carve out a place of honour among the most used and appreciated social networks, perhaps precisely because of its ability to bring together the most creative minds, launch original formats and set trends. But how exactly does TikTok work? What can be done on this platform and how can it be exploited by brands to promote themselves? In this article, we have tried to sum up the key factors that make for TikTok’s success, also looking at the future (rather uncertain on some fronts) of this app.

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How to create a successful newsletter: the complete guide

Newsletters are one of the most common tools of communication used by companies to stay in touch with their customers. Whether it’s special promotional campaigns or regular updates, email marketing offers a channel to routinely communicate with the audience in a quick and inexpensive way. And marketers know it: having constant contact with your audience is the basis for retaining or acquiring new customers.

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10 TED Talks on marketing and communication not to be missed

How do successful leaders communicate? Why do some videos go viral? Can social networks really influence our life and choices? Is it possible to increase our chances of success simply by adopting a certain communicative language? Here are 10 interesting TED Talks about marketing and communication that offer an answer to these questions and then some.

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Influencer Marketing: how it works and how it has evolved

Our purchasing choices have always been influenced by the opinion of other people: in the past by word-of-mouth and by the advice of friends and acquaintances, today also by influencers. In a society where social networks are an integral part of our life, companies have rethought their communication and marketing strategies to promote their products and consolidate the brand.

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