ipcm® On Air – Broadcasting Innovation

With its On Air project, ipcm® aims at creating television shows focussing on the latest innovations in the surface coating and finishing industry.

When the background noise subsides, we become ready to listen.

Nothing more than this sentence properly illustrates the communication and visibility needs of companies at this time dominated by physical distancing. We are living in an era in which all forms of “physical” brand promotion, such as events, trade fairs, conferences, open days, etc., are banned and the silence is deafening. The need for promotion, on the other hand, has far from ceased. Quite the opposite is true: we need ventures that stand out for their originality, effectiveness, and innovation degree.

How can a company increase brand awareness, communicate its innovations, and promote its identity when all in-person events are cancelled, uncertainty reigns in the field of trade shows, and “live” exchange and networking events are prohibited?

ipcm® has found an answer in the union between information and entertainment, with a format designed to capture the attention, but above all the imagination of every company’s target audience, even if at a distance.

An exclusive format, never before offered by any other magazine in our sector, which combines real and virtual elements in a 3D setting and offers the chance to interact with an audience, in-person or remotely.

At the same time, viewers will be able to gain up-to-date information on technologies and innovations and witness an unprecedented meeting between the main players in the sector. It will be an opportunity to establish a direct dialogue to deepen specific issues and fully understand the technological innovations of the sector.

Why promote your business?

  • Present your technologies to a specific target
  • Leverage a new form of communication and digital visibility
  • Exploit the authority of ipcm®

Why tune in?

  • Learn about the latest industry innovations
  • Communicate directly with companies
  • Share and listen to end-user experiences
  • Attend a unique event of its kind

Topics of each event day will be announced shortly.

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ipcm® On Air is a project created by EOS Mktg&Communication srl and the Ipcm® brand with the support of: