How to Organise Successful Hybrid Events

The combination of face-to-face and virtual events makes it possible to take advantage of the best of both formats to provide visitors with quality content in the way that best suits their needs. In this article we will see how to promote and organise successful hybrid events, exploiting all the characteristics of the two formats.

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How to organize Covid-19-proof events (including hybrid ones)

What measures will need to be taken to ensure the safety of attendees during an event? What characteristics must a location have to ensure a safe execution? How many people to involve and/or invite? How to make the most of the new frontier of hybrid events? In this article we try to answer these “million-dollar” questions to shed some light in this climate of uncertainty.

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Influencer Marketing: how it works and how it has evolved

Our purchasing choices have always been influenced by the opinion of other people: in the past by word-of-mouth and by the advice of friends and acquaintances, today also by influencers. In a society where social networks are an integral part of our life, companies have rethought their communication and marketing strategies to promote their products and consolidate the brand.

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Corporate events: A guide to the types and how to organize them post-Coronavirus

How do we choose between the different types of corporate events? How do we plan an effective communication strategy? What measures will we need to take to ensure people’s safety during our event? And how to make the most of the new virtual and hybrid events formats? Here are some guidelines to better organize our event in the post-Coronavirus era.

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How Coronavirus changed the digital world and online habits

We are facing one of the most difficult historical periods. Much of the world’s population is forced to stay at home because of the lockdown due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. This radical change in our routine has led to a change in our habits of using Internet and social media, which in turn are carrying out important updates.

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