Dice App: what is it, how it works and the fight against secondary ticketing

A novelty in the field of mobile ticketing has landed in our digital reality. We’re talking about Dice, the new platform dedicated exclusively to events and concerts. There are already many other tools to buy tickets online, that is true, but Dice presents interesting new features that no other platform offers. But how does it work? What are the benefits it offers? In this article we have tried to analyse all its features, also taking a look at the phenomenon of secondary ticketing and how Dice proposes to fight it.

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How to Organise Successful Hybrid Events

The combination of face-to-face and virtual events makes it possible to take advantage of the best of both formats to provide visitors with quality content in the way that best suits their needs. In this article we will see how to promote and organise successful hybrid events, exploiting all the characteristics of the two formats.

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How to organize Covid-19-proof events (including hybrid ones)

What measures will need to be taken to ensure the safety of attendees during an event? What characteristics must a location have to ensure a safe execution? How many people to involve and/or invite? How to make the most of the new frontier of hybrid events? In this article we try to answer these “million-dollar” questions to shed some light in this climate of uncertainty.

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Corporate events: A guide to the types and how to organize them post-Coronavirus

How do we choose between the different types of corporate events? How do we plan an effective communication strategy? What measures will we need to take to ensure people’s safety during our event? And how to make the most of the new virtual and hybrid events formats? Here are some guidelines to better organize our event in the post-Coronavirus era.

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