Local SEO: What it is and why it matters

Even on the web, geographic location matters, especially if you own a local business. In fact, whether it is a supermarket, coffee bar or restaurant, Google is always ready to show us the closest solution to our location. But how to be more visible on the search engine and thus appear among the results suggested by Google in that location for that particular search query? And on Google Maps? The answer is the so-called Local SEO: let’s see together what it consists of.

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I asked ChatGPT what it thinks of its content from an SEO perspective

There has been a lot of talk about ChatGPT and the role that artificial intelligences will have in the future of content creation, also and above all from an SEO perspective. So, we asked ChatGPT itself to write an article on SEO and then to tell us if the contents it generates are good from a search engine optimization point of view. Here’s how it went and the conclusions we drew.

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The ultimate guide on the main digital marketing KPIs

Which are the main KPIs to consider in order to understand the progress of our digital marketing strategies? How are they measured and which ones should be monitored to improve performance? The following article dedicated to digital Key Performance Indicators helps us understand what digital marketing KPIs are, how to choose the ones that best suit our goals and how to read them.

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How search engines work

Search engine optimization, a practice commonly known by the acronym SEO, plays a fundamental role in the ranking of a website for the keywords relevant to it. To do SEO right, however, it is important to understand for which operating logic we are optimizing our contents and what are the processes at the basis of SEO. While it is not known exactly how search engine algorithms work, there are some key principles and concepts that are important to know. Let’s see which ones.

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Link Building: what it means and how to implement it

It is now well-known that Google and the other search engines use several factors to rank a website in the best possible way within the search results. One of these factors are backlinks: links hosted on a website that refer directly to another page. Therefore, it is essential to obtain many of them and of excellent quality. To do this, there are different link building strategies. Link building may initially seem complicated to understand and even more so to implement, but this article will explain in detail what link building is, how to best implement the different strategies and how to avoid damaging your website.

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5 things to do to improve the website’s usability

In the current competitive scenario, in which consumers are increasingly connected but less willing to accept errors, problems and long loading times, the usability and ease of use of a website have become important differentiating factors. In this article we delve deeper into what usability is and how to make your website easy to navigate.

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