How to leverage short-form videos to boost your marketing strategy

In recent years, short-form videos have become extremely popular on different social media platforms thanks to their ability to capture users’ attention in seconds, entertain viewers and communicate with them effectively and concisely. But how to properly integrate this format into a social media marketing strategy? Read the article to find this out!

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10 things to do to create a successful YouTube video

Video marketing is certainly one of the most effective and easily doable strategies for brands, especially thanks to the many tools that have recently emerged that make it easier for those who are not video makers to create video content. And YouTube is definitely the perfect platform for video marketing. However, breaking through the 500,000+ videos uploaded to YouTube every day may not be an easy feat. In this article, we’ve summarized 10 things you need to do to create a YouTube video that has all it takes to be successful.

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How to leverage YouTube to market your business

YouTube is the most used video sharing platform in the world and the second most visited website. Its global popularity makes the platform an essential tool in marketing and communication activities. However, like any other social network, there are some best practices to follow to be successful and make the most of the platform. Let’s see which ones.

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